Hi, and welcome to my online gallery, I live in SW France in the countryside with my wife Karen and our two dogs, Max a labrador and Duke a German shorthaired pointer (GSP) . It is a fantastic place to live, lots of inspiration with no distractions of noise, pollution, and orange skies as you get living in a big city or further north in Europe.

I trained at Chesterfield College of Art in the 1980’s, and then completed YHCFE in Graphic design at Granville college in Sheffield, I have always worked on my own work but have also worked in IT for many years and am an amateur carpenter, cabinet maker and Electrician, which has enabled me to renovate many houses including 3 properties down here in rural France

I now use my Graphic design skills and IT experience to develop websites and online media creation, along with social media enabling SEO (Search engine optimization) exposure for my clients.